Who’s at Eurisko: Project ‘Gelatine’ by QUT Urban Informatics

Tucker Bradford will be joining us for Eurisko from QUT Urban Informatics in Brisbane to demonstrate the research project, Gelatine.

Gelatine In Use

Gelatine In Use

Over the past year we’ve been speaking with Gelatine collaborators Mark Bilandzic, Marcus Foth & Tucker about bringing Gelatine to Eurisko.  We’d love to make Gelatine a more connected part of the Eurisko experience in subsequent years.   We first met Mark during his Australian research project on collaborative spaces, in which he interviewed various hackerspace, makerspace and coworking space users about their experiences.

Gelatine Open Hardware

Gelatine Open Hardware

Gelatine showcases how a physical communal space can be combined with ‘digital space’, to create a hybrid space that embodies affordances of both the digital and physical.   Gelatine offers great opportunities for collaborative spaces:  makerspaces, hackerspaces and coworking spaces.

Mark says “The idea behind ‘Gelatine’ was to design a system that facilitates shared encounters between coworkers by allowing them to digitally ‘check in’ at a work space. Gelatine displays skills, areas of interest, and needs of currently present coworkers on a public screen.”

“Public libraries and coworking spaces seek for means to facilitate peer collaboration, peer inspiration and cross- pollination of skills and creativity. However, social learning, inspiration and collaboration between coworkers do not come naturally.”

“A pilot evaluation study of Gelatine indicates that the system amplifies users’ sense of place and awareness of other coworkers, and serves as an interface for social learning through exploratory, opportunistic and serendipitous inspirations, as well as through helping users identify like-minded peers for follow-up face-to- face encounters.”


QUT Urban Informatics Lab researcher Mark Bilandzic’s ‘Gelatine’ project

To get a heads up before you visit Tucker at Eurisko this year, you can follow what the Gelatine project and Urban Informatics are doing here @kavasmlikon / @UrbanInf


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