Who’s at Eurisko: Jon Oxer from Freetronics #eurisko13

Freetronics designs and manufactures Open Hardware including Arduino compatible boards, shields, modules, and sensors that are very popular with hobbyists, professionals, and in education.

Jon Oxer from Freetronics said:

"At Eurisko, we’ll have real satellite hardware that people can see and touch, and we’ll also be selling special electronics starter packs called the Experimenters Kit for Arduino. The Experimenters Kits include an Arduino microcontroller board, switches, wires, sensors, lights, and an instruction book that shows how to plug the parts together and learn about electronics. It’s perfect for a hobbyist or student who wants to try making their own projects."

freetronics ArduSat

Freetronics ArduSat Payload – How many Arduino processors can you count?

Freetronics is the Payload Hardware Partner for ArduSat, a series of educational satellites being launched into orbit for access by students around the world.

We asked Jon for one of his most memorable experiences with Freetronics so far:

"Watching the launch of the HTV-4 rocket flying to the International Space Station, carrying two satellites with our electronics in them. Soon they’ll be in orbit around the Earth and students and hobbyists all over the world will be able to access them online."

Try and get along to one of the talks Jon will be giving at Eurisko that will cover Freetronics, ArdSat, and other Maker-related topics.

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