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Calling all contributors! It’s time to get your submissions in for your Eurisko Melbourne 2013, running on Sat 2nd and Sun 3rd of November, 2013. We’ve kept the submission form really simple, so it should only take you a few minutes to complete. If you haven’t already, you can submit you contribution at the following link:

     Contributor Submission

To give you some idea of what to expect, here’s a snapshot of some of the folks who were involved in the Mini Maker Faire Melbourne in January 2012.

Jon Oxer, Freetronics Atoshi, Mortar Town Noisemakers M Faed, Motorised Platform
Robert Shepherd, Open PCR IMG_8643 Paul J Fenwick, Steam Punk Alter Ego Untitled Maria M, Needle felted toys April Seymore, Fix It

If you’ve already indicated your contributor expression of interest, thanks! We’ll be following up with you all shortly to work through additional details, tell you what we need from you, and find out what you need from us.

If you think you want to contribute, but aren’t sure yet exactly what, don’t worry. Just fill in the contributor form above, and we can get in touch with you to discuss it. We can help you work through what will be a great fit, and we have plenty of ideas if you’re at a loss for what you can do.

More Info

To help answer some of your questions and get your creative cogs turning, we’ve provided additional background in the remainder of this post. You can use the navigation links below to jump to the areas you are most interested in. If you have any remaining questions or concerns, just drop us a note via the contact form or one of the alternative channels published on the contacts page.


What are we looking for?          Back 

We’d like to see the event offer a lot of opportunities for participants to experience either self-directed learning or facilitator-lead learning experiences. We want participants to have multiple opportunities to discover new knowledge and skill first hand by actually doing things.

One aspect we’ll be focusing on is curating elements that offer a broad level of inclusiveness. We’d like you to think about activities that can involve a broad range of people, regardless of age, skill, physical aptitude or native language. If you have ideas that would make it possible to include people who might otherwise be marginalised or excluded, we’d be particularly interested in hearing from you about that too.

That’s not to say that we will be excluding activities because they don’t meet all of those criteria, or because they target advanced skills: we think variety is important, and that includes catering for a range of interests and skill levels. We simply want to curate a range of activities, and balance the number of activities that require a level of skill and existing experience with more generally accessible activities.

MHVboard workshop IMG_8551 IMG_8653

learning to solder IMG_8637 IMG_8602


What can you Contribute?      Back 

Really, it’s your call. Let us know what you’d like to do, and if can make it fit in with the event, we’ll give you all the support we can to make that happen.

In this post, we’ve highlighted pictures of some of the folks and exhibits involved in the Mini Maker Faire Melbourne in January 2012. Take a look and see what ideas you get.

As a contributor to the event, you are the key to making that work: it’s really your event, and your contribution will give participants the content they will interact with. It’s also your chance to get exposure for what you do, to find others you can share with.

If you’d like to get a better sense of what this sort of an event is like, have a look at the short video montage below or the Mini Maker Faire Melbourne (January 2012) blog post, which give an overview of what people contributed to that event last year.

[vimeo 35184512 w=400]

Eleven & Twelve’s video

The event showcased a wide variety of areas of interest, including 3D Printing, Robotics, Crafting, LED lighting, Woodworking, Aquaponics, Musical Instruments and Vehicles.

led cube Needlefelting toys IMG_8539
IMG_0896 UAV Blimp IMG_8670
IMG_8608 Another 3D printer IMG_20120114_102750

Due in part to feedback from the last event, we’re also trying out contributor sales for this event, so if that’s something that interests you, let us know on your submission.

If you can’t contribute content directly, you can certainly help out by supporting the event in other ways. We still have opportunities for sponsors to be involved, and we’re always happy to hear from enthusiastic volunteers.

     Supporter Submission


Who can Contribute?      Back 

This is an inclusive community event, and we’d like to encourage individuals, groups and businesses to get involved. We think there is strength and great opportunity for learning by sharing knowledge and skill between them.

If you’re a maker, tinkerer, crafter, fixer, baker, hacker, bushy, hobbyist, cosplayer, upcycler, sustainability enthusiast, mixed-media artist or performer, or you like to invent things, we want you to be an active part of Eurisko. Do you do something amazing you’d like to share with the community: a skill you have or the knowledge to make something wonderful? We warmly invite you to share what you love at eurisko Melbourne this November.


Do you love to make or fix stuff? Do you have a cool project you’d like to show people? Do you like to share your knowledge and experience, and learn from and teach others by hands-on activities? We think Eurisko is just the event for you!.


Do you represent a physical community space that supports DIY? Perhaps you’re a member of a either a casual or formal association of people who meet regularly to share your interest in an aspect of DIT/ DIWO? We’d encourage you to put your ideas for Eurisko to your community group, and get involved in the event as a group.


Do you make all or part of your living by making or fixing things, or providing products and services to people who do? Eurikso gives you an opportunity to network with your peers and with existing and potential customers, get exposed to new products and skills, and to showcase what you do.


Where is it, and how much does it Cost?      Back 

We’re using the fantastic Meat Market in North Melbourne, and it is a truly awesome venue, steeped in character and history. It’s a venue that provides more space and expanded opportunities than we’ve had access to previously, and we’re really excited to see what the community will do with the space to bring Eurisko to life.

Also, check out Event Location for more details.

As much as we’d love the event to be available for free, we need to cover the basic costs of operating the event. Our approach has been to share those costs as equitably as possible across the Contributors as well as the Participants, with the view to having everyone contribute to sharing a small part of the costs.

As a Contributor, costs start at $40 for a basic table, a couple of chairs and 3 event passes. If you want more space, are wanting to sell things or you represent a commercial business, we’ll be asking you to contribute a little more.

When we discuss your submission with you, we can explain the available options and work with you to find an arrangement that best suits your needs.

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