We’re looking for sponsors!

Eurisko is run as a participatory, co-created community event. It takes the combined resources of many organisations and individuals to make an event like Eurisko excellent, and we need your help to achieve that goal.

There are many different ways that you can help support the event. One of the important things we need your help with is obtaining the resources required to operate the event. We achieve that primarily through monetary contributions from sponsorship funding and donations; or through in-kind donations of goods and services.

We are currently looking for sponsors — organisations, groups or individuals —, who can help us cover the costs of running the event through financial or in-kind contributions. We have a range of items you can help us with, and a number of sponsor packages and donation options available: we’re happy to discuss options to tailor these to suit specific needs.

Eurisko is a very special kind of community event, with a deeper participant engagement than you would find in an event such as a trade show. If you or your organisation care deeply about DIY/ DIWO, hands-on heuristic learning, or resilient, sustainable self-sufficient communities, then we think you will be an ideal supporter for this event. We’d encourage you to contact us so that we can discuss the best way you can be involved, or if you already have a clear idea about how you can help, we’d welcome a sponsorship enquiry from you.

Ammon, James and Paul

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