Eurisko is truly a community event: it is run by community members for the community. Although not officially registered as a not for profit, the event is run very much on a non-profit basis. As such, eurisko thrives on the support of a large number of members of the greater community, each helping in the best way they can. We welcome enquiries from you.

So, what help do we need?

  • We are looking for sponsors — organisations, groups or individuals —, able to help us cover the costs of running the event through financial or in-kind contributions. We have a number of sponsor packages available, and we’re happy to discuss options to tailor these to suit specific needs.
  • We’re interested to hear from volunteers: people happy to donate their time and effort to help us run the event. There are lots of things you can help us with, both longer term roles and short-term discrete tasks, and work to be done before, during and after the event itself.

If you think you can support the event in some way, please contact us!


Supporter Contact Form

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[last update 13 May 13]


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