Hello Melbourne!

Hi everyone!

This is our first official post! For many months now, we’ve been working progressively, slowly but steadily, towards launching this collaboration we’re calling "eurisko".

Over the past weeks, we have confirmed our venue and dates, and today we put the finishing touches on our partnership agreement before signing it. Our website is live, and now it’s time for us to start filling it with content.

We very much view eurisko as a work in progress, an evolving collaboration between ourselves and the communities we are part of. We’re doing our best to work using the "discover by doing" principle we see as being one of the key concepts of eurisko!

We are working to make this event — together with this website and associated resources — a catalyst for a community to grow around the eurisko concept. To start that process, we’re focused squarely on our first event in Melbourne, 2-3 November 2013.

Over the next month we are working towards securing our core financial support. We’ve applied for an Events Partnership Program Grant from the City of Melbourne, so we have our fingers crossed for a good response there.

Many of you reading this we know already and we’ll be getting in touch with you soon to elicit your input and involvement! For those of you we don’t yet know, we are looking forward with excitement to the discoveries that will come from meeting you!

We’d encourage you to subscribe to this blog for updates. If anyone wants to get in touch with us in the meantime, please feel free to use any of the contact methods on this website.

We invite you to drop by often and check on how things are unfolding!

Ammon, James, Paul



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