Eurisko Melbourne is part of Melbourne Knowledge Week 2013

Melbourne Knowledge Week Event Partner

Melbourne Knowledge Week Event Partner

Over the past four or so months, we’ve been working with the team from Melbourne Knowledge Week to position Eurisko Melbourne to be one of the key events in the 2013 Knowledge Week program. We received word last week that our proposal had been officially accepted, and we’ve just signed the Knowledge Week agreement today, Monday 17th June. We’re very pleased and excited about our acceptance.

This announcement demonstrates the city’s support for what we’re trying to achieve with Eurisko, and we hope to bring a lot of fun and a good deal of hands-on participation to Melbourne Knowledge Week. We want to encourage anyone involved in the Melbourne Knowledge Sector to consider how they can get actively involved in Eurisko Melbourne and make use of the event to share their knowledge and skill through hands-on activities, or through sharing their stories of learning by doing.

Additive manufacturing includes 3D Printing

Additive manufacturing includes techniques such as 3D Printing

We believe Knowledge Week is a fantastic collaboration for Eurisko Melbourne and a high-profile and important event for the maker movement to be part of. We think that hands-on discovery of knowledge is one of the most enjoyable, richly fulfilling and successful ways to transfer and retain knowledge. The variety of communities and subcultures that contribute to Eurisko will provide lots of fun and excitement for the event, and these contributors also showcase some of the most cutting edge and exciting aspects of Melbourne’s Knowledge sector and economic future. If you were wondering how important the knowledge sector is to Melbourne, it’s worth reading this post and associated links that describe Knowledge as “the $28 Billion key to [Melbourne's] economic growth

We like to think of Eurisko Melbourne as the grand finale for Melbourne Knowledge Week 2013. Keep an eye out for us in the official Melbourne Knowledge Week program and announcements, and we’ll keep you up-to-date via this blog on any joint promotional activities leading up to Knowledge Week.

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