‘Darn It!’ – Bring your mendables to Eurisko

Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald from Bright Sparks Melbourne wants Eurisko participants to bring their favorite pair of socks, tea towel, blanket, jumper (or other prized possession that needs to have a hole repaired), to her ‘Darning 101 Workshop.’ If you’re thinking about doing that, let us know in the comments for this post. Thanks!

Darning a Sock

Darning a Sock

If you’ve never heard of darning, or have been curious about learning the skills, Erin’s inviting to help you learn the basics by having a go at mending your own stuff.  The workshop will run for 30-40 minutes, giving you time to learn and practice your newfound skill!  Think of what you’ll save on trips to ‘mums’, paying to get worn items fixed, and on unnecessary environmental waste.

What you’ll need to bring (if you don’t have these things you can still watch and learn):

  • something to darn - holey socks, tea towels, blankets, jumpers, etc.
  • tools to get the job done – a large needle, plus matching yarn.
Bright Sparks Logo

Bright Sparks Logo

Erin is also representing her Bright Sparks Melbourne project at Eurisko.

“Bright Sparks is a social enterprise idea to reduce the amount of electrical and electronic waste (e-waste) discarded in Melbourne landfills. The enterprise would offer affordable repairs for electrical items and a retail shop selling small, refurbished, electrical appliances at low cost. When a toaster or kettle breaks down, we want to give consumers a convenient, affordable alternative to the rubbish bin. This enterprise is in the early development stages – we would love to get your input and to talk to you if you would like to be involved.”

Make sure to look Erin up at Eurikso and chat to her about how you can get involved in Bright Sparks here in Melbourne. For a bit more context, watch the video below on Bright Sparks in Islington, UK.

check out the Bright Sparks video - FixHeroes

[vimeo 59295983 w=600]

["Darning a Sock" image credited to Center for a New American Dream (Creative Commons License]

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