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The following terms and conditions are the custom component for our event extracted directly from the Attendly Tickjet system. As such these terms and conditions are written to relate to the context of booking a ticket for the event, and are reproduced here for clarity and transparency.


a) About this Ticketing and Payment service: We have partnered with the fantastic Attendly event booking system to provide a mechanism to manage our ticket bookings.  The Attendly team previously created the EventArc system, and the Attendly services may at times make use of any of the following domains and their associated brands: ATTENDLY.COMATTENDLY.ME,  CANBOOK.ME and EVENTARC.COM.  All of these domains are operated by the same good people.  We are also making use of PayPal to enable a broader and more flexible set of payment options for you.

When your payment options are presented, and also when your payment receipt is generated, it will show the payment recipient as the partnership AA Beyerle, JP McDonald and PS Szymkowiak, trading as Openfair Events.  This partnership has been formed for the express purpose of running community events such as Eurisko Melbourne, and enabling others to run such events.  In the course of using this ticket booking process, you can expect to encounter services hosted under any of the the following domain names: ATTENDLY.COM, ATTENDLY.ME, CANBOOK.ME, EVENTARC.COM, PAYPAL.COM, and PAYPAL.COM.AU.  You will find our third-party partner Attendly’s  CANBOOK.ME’s specific Terms and Conditions at the end of our terms section, and you will find additional terms specific to PayPal service use as your payment transaction passes into PayPal control.


b) How to best enjoy our events: We have one basic rule we do our best to follow “be excellent to each other”.  We ask that you do your best to follow that rule yourself and help us to do the same.  We’ve borrowed the “Excellence” principle from our friends at Noisebridge Hackerspace, along with the other elements of their tripartite pillars: “Consensus” and “Do-ocracy”


We run elements of our events with a loose “Open Space” approach.  We work to provide and facilitate a space where you can contribute and participate in as many different ways as we can support.  The day is yours to give what you will to, and get what you want from: but ultimately the responsibility for your enjoyment rests with your.  If you are neither learning nor contributing, take yourself someplace else:



c) Safety is a core value and a shared concern:  Maker and Hacker events can – and often do – push boundaries.  We love that, and we also care about the safety of everyone at the event.  We endeavour to provide the safest event possible, while providing a fun and exciting environment for you to enjoy.

Take ownership of your safety: We ask that you use your own judgement regarding what aspects of the event you want to engage in, and accept that some aspects have an inherent level of risk.  Sometimes, we or our contributors may ask you to formally acknowledge the risk before participating in an activity: if you are the guardian of a minor, you may be asked to acknowledge that risk on behalf of your child/ ward. If in doubt, please err on the side of your personal sense of caution.

Help us by keeping an eye out for problems: As a contributor-driven, partly spontaneous  community event, there are bound to be things that crop up that we haven’t anticipated.  If you see something out of place or that you deem problematic in some way, please feel free to raise the issue with those involved or directly affected, or find other people nearby to help you, and work out a way to address the problem between yourselves.  If in any doubt, find a buddy and work out a solution together: don’t go it alone.  If you think it’s problematic for you to handle and you feel the issue needs the attention of the event organisers or a specialist, please notify one of the event team volunteer members and we’ll work to get things put right.


d) Operating times: the hours we operate the event may need to be varied for either reasons outside our direct control, or because we deem it makes the event a better experience for the majority of participants (e.g. safer).  If you have provided us with a valid email address and the permission to contact you, we will make best efforts to notify you by email of any significant changes to event operating hours.  However, please check the event website for yourself prior to attending to note any last minute adjustments or changes to operating times.


e) Refunds: Eurisko Melbourne 2013 is run by the community for the community, and your contributions are integral to making our events possible.  We thank you for the generosity of support – both financial and in-kind support.  We take care to distribute the operating costs for the event as equitably as we can across all participants, and we try to provide you with multiple ways in which you can choose to be involved.   Booking venues and other equipment and services require significant commitments to be made which are only possible through every one of the many people involved pooling together their resources to help meet those commitments.

Because we operate the event as close to our operating costs as we can, that doesn’t leave us much of a profit margin to draw from.  In the event that you request to cancel your involvement in the event, we would ask that you consider providing your contribution as a donation to the event.  If that is problematic for you in some way, and you request a refund, we ask that you accept that may not be possible.

We will do our best to refund you what we can if that is at all possible for us to do.  At the very least, it is likely that we won’t be able to refund to you the full amount of any payment you have made, and that any refund we may be able to provide will be less than the total amount you paid.  For example, it is unlikely we would be able to refund any transaction or processing fees that have been charged to us by third parties in processing your transaction.  It is also difficult for us to reduce our commitments to our service providers by just your apportioned planned use of those services.  Within our capabilities and constraints, we’ll do our best to accommodate any reasonable request you make.


f) Photographs and film: Eurisko Melbourne 2013 is a public event.  We expect and actively encourage filming (photography and video), and we ask everyone to contribute to that activity.  We manage a group site for event participants to share their work publicly: you can find details on our website.  As a non-profit community event, showing the actual involvement of the community in the event helps us a lot: it’s one of our best means of publicizing this and future events.

Open license preference: We ask that photographers/ videographers consider making their work freely accessible for anyone to at least view if not freely use or remix, using a Creative Commons or some similar form of open-source license, so that everyone may benefit from those images.  Under that sharing arrangement, it is generally accepted that you can ask for the reproduction or display of your work to include an attribution statement, and we would ask all event participants to comply with such requests.  At the very least, we would ask that you grant Openfair Events the permission to use that work in promoting the event and our future events.  http://creativecommons.org/licenses/

Public Setting vs. Personal Privacy: We also ask that as a photographer/ videographer, you respect the reasonable requests of people you would like to photograph, and where you feel there is doubt or possible concern, please let people know before taking an image or keeping an image of them for use.  If you are a potential subject, and do not wish to be photographed/ video’d, please take personal responsibility for that choice by moving out of an area being photographed.  You may also politely request photographers to wait while you move, or request that they not use images they have taken with you in them.  However, in the light of our opening remarks here, and the community nature and public setting of the event this won’t always be possible.  We ask you to accept that any images taken may be used by the photographer, or by Openfair Events and its partners for promotional purposes.  If you have concerns about an image we are using that has you shown in it, please let us know and we can discuss your concerns and work out a solution.


g) General policies and principles: We have a number of general policies and principles that govern the way we manage our websites, our events and our interaction with you.  These cover issues such as your privacy, our attitude to intellectual property, etc.  You can review our general policies and principles at:  http://euriskomelbourne.com/about/policies-and-principles.

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