eurisko: Concept          Top 

Eurisko was developed to enable a broad range of DIY*, DIT** and DIWO*** enthusiasts to:

  • explore various aspects of learning by doing.
  • collaborate with others on things they are passionate about.
  • share knowledge and skills.
  • learn from each other.
  • provide a platform to support experiential learning and sharing tacit knowledge

Eurisko is centred around the hosting and curation of community-focused events. The Eurisko team collaborates with the local community to host a fantastic and fun combination of activities tailored to suit each community. The event is open to all ages, and supports a diverse range of people from a broad variety of backgrounds and experience levels.

We are working to build Eurisko into the premiere maker event in Australia, however we believe the Australian community wants something broader and more openly inclusive than an event that focuses solely on makers. If you identify with one or more of the terms maker, tinkerer, crafter, fixer, hacker, bushie, performer, hobbyist, mixed-media artist, or inventor, then this event is for you! 

* DIY – Do It Yourself, ** DIT – Do It Together, *** DIWO – Do It With Others


eurisko: Format – How does it work?          Top 

We work closely with the community to curate each event, and each event takes shape in unique ways. However, a Eurisko event will generally have some combination of a makers market, a programme of hands-on workshops, performances and presentations for contributors to share their know how and skill, and showcase various experiments, projects and installations. You can get a feel for the event by checking out this blog post that shows an overview of a previous event.

Eurisko exists to bring together a community of like-minded people to share knowledge and skill, and build energy and excitement around learning through doing. So if you have an idea about how you’d like to contribute to that goal, please get in contact with us


eurisko: Timing – when will it happen?          Top 

Eurisko will next occur in 2013 as a two-day event that brings together a diverse group of people with a common love of hands-on learning and discovery. It is currently in planning for 2nd & 3rd of November 2013 at Arts House, Meat Market, 6 Blackwood St, North Melbourne.

We’ve chosen that timing for Eurisko to be part of the City of Melbourne’s fantastic Knowledge Week Melbourne 2013 event. We like to think of Eurisko Melbourne as the two-day party that closes out Knowledge Week.


eurisko: Inception & Directorship          Top 

Eurisko was conceived as a new flagship community event starting in Melbourne, Australia that would support the growing interest in engaging in hands on, first-principles skill development.

The project was started by Paul Szymkowiak, Ammon Beyerle and James McDonald, after their success running of Australasia’s first Mini Maker Faire event in January, 2012. They jointly share the director duties associated with the event through an equal three-way partnership agreement.

Eurisko is currently licensed to openfair events, the trading name used by the partnership. The event itself is being co-created with various community groups and individual contributors. Wherever practical, existing Creative Commons resources are utilised, and where needed, new creative commons resources created. Where possible, we use Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike licensing for the new resources we create (CC-BY-SA).

Openfair Events Creative Commons License


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