A look back at Mini Maker Faire

It’s been about 16 months since we collaborated on the hugely popular Melbourne Mini Maker Faire. Eurisko Melbourne promises to be a bigger event in terms of both physical space and the time available to use it, but as we move on with the planning on Eurisko, it seems timely to reflect and look back on the previous event.

Although the January 2012 event wasn’t our first experience hosting community events, it was the Australasian communities biggest hackerspace and maker movement focused event to date.

You can get a good sense of what the event was like by viewing a variety of media that people have posted on various public-access sites. We’ll walk you through some of that media, providing some commentary in text as we go.

This short video by Kealey Nutt provides a nice overview in just a couple of minutes:

[vimeo 35184512 w=400]

Eleven & Twelve’s video

For an alternative view, check out this photo montage by Steve Remington.


Steve Remingtonā€™s photo (and a hint of video) montage

If that’s whet your appetite for a walk down memory lane, or you missed the last event and you want to learn more, read on!

The event showcased a wide variety of areas of interest, including 3D Printing, Robotics, a range of crafts, LED lighting and other electronics projects, Woodworking, Aquaponics, Vehicles and many more.

Robot LED cube Needlefelting toys UAV Blimp

People often ask us for various points of information related to the event: counts, totals, lengths, etc. For those of you curious, here are some of the facts and stats about the event:


Ammon Beyerle and Michelle James from herestudio worked as part of the organising team and with the contributors to curate the physical space and work out the location and scheduling of the events and activities on the day. With more than 750 metres of space to manage at the fantastic Swinburne University of Technology Hawthorn campus, we had a good amount of room to work with spanning the Atrium, ajoining classrooms and lecture theatre.

Untitled exhibitors


Approximately 1,000 people came from across Australia – some from even further afield – to collaborate on making the day such an awesome success.

Approximately 66 individual contributors exhibited, presented, ran workshops and other activities on the day. The main groups or individuals involved are listed here: List of Melbourne Mini Maker Faire contributors.

Cardboard Box Maze The Cardboard Box Maze
MakeDo Maze MakeDo Partitions

We used 2 pallets of 1M – 1.2M cardboard sheets and some 300 Make Do connectors to construct the partitions used by the contributors and to host the Make Do maze built by the participants.

There were roughly 5 different areas in which hands-on activities could occur, and we had a wide range of presentations and demonstrations about topics as diverse as Aquaponics, Programming Robots and Building an Instrument. The selection of exhibitors was awesome, providing lots of variety, both in terms of synergy and interesting contrasts.

We’re looking forward to seeing what shape Eurisko Melbourne takes this time, and to hear all of your ideas and plans for what you want to contribute.

Ammon, James and Paul

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