2013 November

freetronics ArduSat

Who’s at Eurisko: Jon Oxer from Freetronics #eurisko13

Freetronics designs and manufactures Open Hardware including Arduino compatible boards, shields, modules, and sensors that are very popular with hobbyists, professionals, and in education. Jon Oxer from Freetronics said: "At Eurisko, we’ll have real satellite hardware that people can see and touch, and we’ll also be selling special electronics starter packs called the Experimenters Kit […]


Who’s at Eurisko: Wireless Institute of Australia – Your entry into Amateur Radio

A group from the Wireless Institute of Australia are excited to contribute to Eurisko this year.¬†They have a lot to squeeze into two days – courtesy of WIA’s Peter Parker (VK3YE), here’s a snapshot of Eurisko Day 1: [youtube=href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoPqwpOKgRY] At Eurisko, WIA will be showcasing; Amateur Radio transmitting and receiving equipment. Homebrew Electronic Construction projects. […]


What’s happening at Eurisko, and how to find out.

Hi folks! We are using a Google Spreadsheet to enable the schedule to be dynamically managed and also viewed on the web or from your smart phone. We have two tabs within the document to make it easy to view: To find out what’s on now/ what’s up next, use the following spreadsheet tab:     What’s […]

Zoz Brooks

Who’s at Eurisko: Meet Celebrity Maker Zoz Brooks

Our friends at Fab Lab Adelaide and ANAT in partnership with TAFE SA let us know that they were bringing Zoz Brooks out for a Master Class How To Make Almost Anything: Fabrication In The Digital Age Zoz has graciously accepted our invitation to hop over from Adelaide for the weekend to join us for […]