2013 October

Screwless Heart Gears by Emmett Lalish

Who’s at Eurisko: Lauren Shearer ‘Inside you in 3D’

Carlton local, Lauren Shearer will be showing Eurisko participants how to start using those technical 3D medical images of you body, for some really interesting projects. “Ever wondered what to do with those CDs of medical images they gave to you after you broke your arm? Or wondered what it really looks like inside your head? […]

Darning a Sock

‘Darn It!’ – Bring your mendables to Eurisko

Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald from Bright Sparks Melbourne wants Eurisko participants to bring their favorite pair of socks, tea towel, blanket, jumper (or other prized possession that needs to have a hole repaired), to her ‘Darning 101 Workshop.’ If you’re thinking about doing that, let us know in the comments for this post. Thanks! If you’ve never heard of darning, […]

Gelatine In Use

Who’s at Eurisko: Project ‘Gelatine’ by QUT Urban Informatics

Tucker Bradford will be joining us for Eurisko from QUT Urban Informatics in Brisbane to demonstrate the research project, Gelatine. Over the past year we’ve been speaking with Gelatine collaborators Mark Bilandzic, Marcus Foth & Tucker about bringing Gelatine to Eurisko.  We’d love to make Gelatine a more connected part of the Eurisko experience in subsequent years.   We first […]

Melbourne Mini Maker Faire Crowd

Participant (Attendee) Tickets are now available!

If you’ve been waiting to pick up tickets to Eurisko Melbourne, they’re now available!      Purchase your Tickets We’d encourage you to get in quick and book your ticket. Remember that this event runs over two days, and your ticket enables you to enter the venue multiple times across the two days. Note that Children under […]